Posture Corrector.
Posture Corrector.
Posture Corrector.
Posture Corrector.
Posture Corrector.
Posture Corrector.

Posture Corrector

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Ever wanted to stop slouching? Is spending time in front of a computer causing you discomfort? FLX has got you covered. Our upper back support promotes upright straight posture, allowing the spine to achieve its natural S curvature while also acting as a posture trainer, setting you on a path to a pain-free life in no time

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The Benefits of our Posture Corrector

14 Day Posture Transformation


Realigns Your Spine & Produces Excellent Results


Invisible Under Clothes For Discreetness & Comfortability

Great For Back Pain Relief

Quality Ergonomic Design


Fully Adjustable Straps


Soft And Breathable Material
Easy On Your Skin

Comfortable to Wear


"Good Posture" A start to a balanced life! 

Wear while working 

While caring for loved ones 

While out and about 


Engineered with excellence and built to last, you can be rest assured that you will get the very best from our Posture Corrector. Featuring strong but lightweight breathable washable materials means you will stay cool while improving your posture



Recent research has shown that unless we make radical changes to our working lives, sitting in front of a computer for long periods will end up making us very sick in the future. This tried and proven unique back brace posture corrector realigns your spine and produces excellent results


This clavicle support brace is designed to promote invisibility. No one will know you're wearing it under your clothes. You can wear our premium posture corrector while at work, home or out and about. An excellent tool that is great at supporting your back and helping you remember to sit and stand-up straight which will eventually help you stop slouching

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